May 29, 2009

Ironwood No. 2

Ironwood No. 2 (6" x 9" Ink and Graphite) My sister lives in Goderich. Exeter happens to be about half way between us, so we occasionally meet there to play a round of golf. Ironwood Golf Club offers specials and golf promotions to registered members, including a free round of golf for your birthday, which can be used anytime during your birthday month. Simply go to their website and sign up, no hassles and they are very friendly. So last Thursday we met at Ironwood Golf Course to play. Turned out to be a perfect afternoon for golf.

This is hole number 2. This creek winds its way across the course, coming into play on a few holes. Of course, if I played it more often I would not have put 2 balls in the creek. On second thought I would probably choose to hit driver again on those holes, and put more balls in the creek! As usual, not a problem getting to the green, just too many three putts.

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