December 15, 2012

Portrait: Chloe

Portraits are more than just a likeness. They are more than just pretty pictures of people and animals. A portrait should capture the subject's uniqueness and personality. Sometimes it is as subtle as the angle at which you are viewing it. Sometimes it is the reflected colours that create a mood. The most important feature to me is the eyes. I like the sense of communication that is created when the viewer makes eye contact with the portrait. Most of my portraits are of pets... I like some animals better than most people and most animals better than some people. With this portrait of CHLOE, I have focused on the face and eyes and faded out the body.

December 5, 2012

Coates of Arms

The Coates of Arms is a British Pub at 580 Talbot Street (corner of Albert Street), just a short walk from home. I like this ‘historic, old home’ converted into a pub. High ceilings, lots of dark wood, traditional wall paper and lots of soccer trophies over the bar. It was the Alex P Keaton (closed March 2009). The beverage of choice, this visit was Boddingtons, based in Manchester, England, since 1778.
TT06 The Coates of Arms