May 16, 2009

Glencairn, Speyside No. 1

KOLF No. 7 GC SS No.1 (6.5 x 9.5, Graphite and ink), Greenhills Golf Course often floods in the spring, as Dingman Creek (which lies within the Thames River watershed) winds it way thought the course. On May 3rd, while Greenhills was closed due to flooding, Troy and I went to play GlenCairn Golf Course, near Milton.

This course has the beauty and spirit of a traditional Scottish golf course, complete with rock fences and extremely deep bunkers. Continuing with my series of history inspired drawings, I have an old Scottish gentleman and hole number one of the Speyside nine. Because it was so early in the season the fescue was short, making it easier to play out of the rough, but he deep pot bunkers were still as difficult as ever.... 5 sand shots on the eighteen hole alone. We won't talk about my final score. The final touch on this picture was the very faint Socttish flag.

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