May 5, 2009

Greenhills No. 1

Greenhills, No. 1 (9" x 13", Ink and Graphite) This is the last drawing for The "Canadian Amputee Golf Association" tournament to be held at Greenhills Golf course in July. I have already completed the other nine smaller drawings of various holes at the course. This one is larger and is for the overall winner. I started this drawing on Saturday morning, and then worked on it before work this morning and finished it this afternoon. Because I am so familiar with this course, I find it easy to imagine the three-dimensional space working from the two-dimensional photo reference.


  1. Great work Cheryl. Interesting how black and white shows up on the computer screen. Love the depth in this piece. Sarah

  2. Thanks Sarah, I haven't perfected the digitizing of artwork, they are a darker than they should be.