January 29, 2011

London Streetscape

London Streetscape No. 1 (ink and graphite, 5.5" x 13")
After taking some photos at the London Arts Council of paintings from Art Rental and Sales Gallery, I was admiring the architecture on Dundas Street from Clarence to Richmond. I noticed this plague at the top of the building "Duffield Block 1876" A simple search tells me "In 1871, Joseph Spettigue built Spettigue Hall (later the Duffield Block) which contained an elegant 663-seat concert hall on the second floor. Designed in the Second Empire Style, the structure was 197 feet long, 63 feet high, and cost $12,000 to construct." (See Duffield Block for more information).
I took some reference photos and this is the streetscape drawing I did.

January 17, 2011

Missing Golf

Yes, I am missing golf. Received the new "ClubLink Life" magazine recently and in it was an article about the new ClubLink course (Glendale Golf and Country Club) in Hamilton. Can't wait for spring to go check it out. I like tree lined, old courses, ones with a lot of charactor and history This course dates back to 1919. A couple of quick sketches to keep me thinking about the upcoming season.

January 13, 2011

Small Line Drawing

Small female (4" x4") india ink on stonehenge paper. A simplified line drawing from last monday night figure drawing session. (Untitled Female No. 10)

January 5, 2011

Gesture Drawings

First figure drawing session of new year on Monday night at the ARTS Project. Model was great! Young, energetic, tall thin structure, the way she would tilt hips almost to extreme, her graceful curves especially graceful fingers, and her short spiky angular dark hair made her fun to draw. I found her poses to easy to stylize and easy to see the lines of movement. These black ink marker gestures drawings were 1 to 2 minutes.

January 3, 2011

New Year

I picked up my remaining artworks from Night Cap Gallery on Sunday. They are closing for the remaining winter months and but will re opening April 1. At that time, I plan to have some more artwork with them. That brings me to my new years goals... last years goal was to exhibit or show work outside London. Accomplished that with Parkhill (Night Cap Gallery), Bayfield (JMR Gallery) and Muirkirk (Boothill Jamboree), althought not all as succesful as I wanted, but you have to try it, to see what works. This year, my goal is to post once a week.