July 30, 2009

Moffat Stove

From photo reference taken at a paintout at Eldon House, London's oldest residence, back in May. This home sits on a piece of high ground, in the middle of the city, overlooking the forks of the Thames. Inside, this beautiful historic home contains family heirlooms and furniture from the Harris family. Outsite, a 19 century garden has been recreated, truly a place of beauty and tranquility.

I was attrached to this old Moffat stove, which may seem a little odd for anyone that knows me ... the fact that I serioulsy did not get the cooking gene. The attraction was about the surface texture and the geometric shapes of the stove and the floor. Such a contrast to the organic shapes of landscape and figures, my ususal subject matters. A different kind of drawing challenge.

July 24, 2009

Glen Cairn No 7

Last Sunday, we went to play Glencairn Golf Course, near Halton Hills. This scottish style course complete with stone walls, burns, bridges, sod walled pot bunkers and fescue, is the course were I got my hole in one 2 years ago. This is hole number 7 on Scotch Block, a short downhill par three over a field of fescue. I like this course because of the fescue, golden in colour, a nice contrast to all the green on golf courses. Fescue is beautiful.... not to play in, but to look at. I didn't have a problem with the fescue, but I did have a couple of issues with the pot bunkers.

Glencairn, Scotch Block No. 7 (6.5 " x 9.5", Ink and Graphite)

July 18, 2009

KOLF No 8 Young Golfer

KOLF No. 8 Young Golfer (12" x 8", Graphite)

A little different approach then the other pictures in the KOLF series. The figure is the main focus. The landscape is almost none existant. This is the first in a portrait format.

Today, I can focus on my artwork.... do some drawing, do some painting, matt and frame pictures, plan/organize my stuff to get ready for Boothill Jamboree in a couple of weeks. Setting up a booth to sell artwork at the county music jamboree on July 30 to August 3.

July 14, 2009

GPG Second Drawing

Path by the Fence (6.5" x 10", Ink and Graphite)

Finished the second of two drawing at the Gallery Painting Group Location. With this one I was consciously using solid black and leaving white areas. Sometimes I get carried away with drawing all over the paper, instead of using the negative space and the white of the paper. This drawing is slightly out of proportion, but I really liked the dead tree on the left side and wanted it in.

July 13, 2009

GPG Country Location

Gallery Painting Group location, north west of the city. Country property with rolling hills. Went to this location, first on a Saturday, but accomplished nothing. Figured out why, I had my contacts in the wrong eyes. Just enough of a difference to make it hard to concentrate and see completely clearly. Colin and I wend back a few days later. Both of us had decided that we wanted to paint the field with the bails, BUT they were gone! So we went for a walk on another part of the property, I spotted this small building set among the trees. This was the first of two drawing I did.

Shed Among the Trees (5.5" x 10", graphite and ink)

The other one remains unfinished. I seem to have alot of unfinished artwork lying around at his point. My goal for the next week is to just to finish all the drawings I have started.

July 3, 2009

Eldon House with Flags

Some artists gathered at Eldon House for the Canada Day Celebrations. This is just one of the small drawings I completed while on the grounds. A comfortable, large front porch, with Canadian and British flags, invite guests to this historic London home. Old wicker chairs line the porch giving visitors a peaceful place to admire all the flowers and vines.

Eldon House with Flags (5.5" x 6" Ink and Graphite)