April 19, 2010

Heron Point, Sunday

Off to golf at Heron Point on Sunday. Some people like to warm up by hitting ball, chipping, and putting. I was content to set on bench at first tee and sketch. This was a challenging clubhouse to draw, because of all the unsual angles. First few holes pace was really good, then caught up to people, so again that waiting just gives me a little time to draw. In the end played really well, 40 on front and 42 on back. One of my best games and its only April 18th.

April 17, 2010

April 15, 2010

Golf Season in Ontario

Golf Season in Ontario has started. Greenhills was under water due to flooding from Dingman Creek, so off to Glen Cairn we went on Sunday. The first nine was a little slow, so I got 2 sketches done. Second nine we caught up to people on the 6th hole, so one sketch on back. I have had this small sketch book (7"x 5") in my golf bag for a couple of years now. In the past I have only sketched a couple of times each season. I wonder if I can do at least one sketch each time I play this year....

April 10, 2010

North Middlesex Cards

Handmade cards... with original artwork. I am sketching and painting original little images of historic building in North Middlesex on these cards. I am really using these as practise sketches before I do a larger more detailed drawing of the buildings. Finished drawings and cards will be for sale at the North Middlesex's 150th Anniversary Celebrations. The festivities will run throughout 2010 with the centerpiece being the 150th anniversary weekend, July 30th to Aug 2nd, 2010.

April 3, 2010

Urban Sketchers

I do like to draw and sketch on location. It is a constructive way to use small amounts of time. It sharpens my observation skills and makes me more aware of my surroundings. Location work also challenges me to draw quicker and draw more from memory. A friend, Susan Garrington, suggested I check out "urban sketchers" website. Love the concept and the sketches are great!