September 26, 2012

Female No 16

UF No. 16
Another figure drawing/painting from a session at TAP in April. Model was Gina, tall thin and graceful, which made it easy to stylize. Playing with simplicity of line and freedom of watercolour.

September 15, 2012

Richmond St London

SS52 Richmond Street, London
Continuing with the "Streetscapes" series, this is number 52. Richmond Street between Dundas and Queens Ave.

September 8, 2012

The Square Silo

GH11 The Square Silo
Silos in the late 1880’s were built square, but farmers discovered that air seeped into the corners, causing the silage to spoil. Round silos eliminated air pockets, so square silos were rarely built after 1900. This silo is located on a golf course near Halton Hills, just west of Toronto, on Leithfield No. 4 at Glencairn Golf Course, designed by Thomas McBroom. This course is framed with golden fescue, rock fences, narrow streams (burns), dozens of the deep dreaded pot bunkers and one square silo. The course is described as “The closest you will come to Scotland, without crossing the Atlantic.”