March 1, 2018


Museum London Winter, (ink, watercolour & gouche), 4x6", ©2018
March 1, winter is far from over, but the last couple of days have felt like spring! I have been walking the dog wearing a light jacket. I keep reminding myself winter is not over, keep your winter coat, hat, and mitts close at hand. I like winter, seriously, I like how clean a blanket of snow looks, a light snow falling is beautiful, I like the change of seasons, the contrast of white with the blue of the sky, etc When there is snow outside, I enjoy painting snow, but as soon as there is the slightest hint of spring, I want no part of snow in my illustrations. I did this illustration ‘Museum London Winter’ last week, to be used as the title page in a presentation to the Museum London Tour Guides. Then Monday when we make our presentation, its 12 degrees and sunny! Now that I have tasted spring weather, I am ready for golf season and no more snow.