January 27, 2013

Sketches of People

For the past couple of years, the majority of my drawings/paintings have been of architecture and streetscapes and of course a few golf courses mixed in there. A new project that I plan to start in couple of months will involve people ⁄ portraits ⁄ characters. I am currently filling up my sketch book with quick line sketches with splashes of colour, capturing the personality and mood of people.
From Sketchbook, Jan 24

January 16, 2013

Black Shire Pub

The Black Shire takes its name from the Black Shire breed of horses of England, which are known for their strength and nobility. For the past century, Shire horses have delivered beer daily in the city streets of London, England, and are the breed that carried knights into battle in the armies of King Henry II. Visited the “The Black Shire Pub” at 511 Talbot Street with friends Jordana and Sharon and enjoyed a Denison's Dunkel.  
Formerly: The Last Drop, which got its namesake from a pub in Edinburgh where prisoners actually had their last meal and drinks before being publicly hanged.
TT07 The Black Shire Pub

January 12, 2013

Portrait: Heidi

With this portrait of HEIDI, I have focused on the face and eyes and faded out the body.  I have added a graphic element of quotes, with my favourite being “Again, I must remind you, that a dog's a dog-- a cat's a cat. T. S. Eliot.