May 29, 2010

Too Much Architecture

Too much drawing architectural structures lately. Straight, perfect, man made rigid structures... I needed to draw something more organic and nature inspired. Yes, golf courses are man made, but it is still nature. The natural, rough elements are masterfully combined with the graceful curves of the fairways and greens. This is Blue Springs hole no. 2 looking back up the hill, at the ladies tee box. Situated on the Niagara escarpment, there is great changes in elevation, making walking the course a workout!

May 26, 2010

Westhaven Golf

Played at Westhaven Golf and Country Club on holiday monday. Arrived a littel early... normal golfers go to the driving rnage to hit balls, and then to the practice green to putt. But for me , its a great time to sketch. The 18th, a beautiful finishing hole is a dog leg left, with a pond to the right and in front of the green, it finishes up at the back of the club house.

Had some more time, so did a quick sketch of no. 4 which comes back up to the clubhouse on the other side. Didn't quite finish as it was time to start. Finished with an 88, which I was happy with. Took some more pictures, so hopefully find time to do some finished drawings of this course.

May 18, 2010

Sunday Golf at Blue Springs

Blue Springs Golf Club is one of my favourite Clublink courses... great changes in elevation, tall trees, incrediable views and rolling countryside all make for a challenging round of golf. This is the first hole, drawn while waiting to tee off. We walked the course, so no time to draw after that. There are some tiresome and uphill walks between holes... was exhausted when we finished.

May 16, 2010

Worldwide SketchCrawl

Saturday May 15, 2010 is th 27th Worldwide Sketch Crawl Day. Because I work on Saturday, my sketching was limited. I stopped on my walk to work to sketch the bike path by the Thames River, west side looking south.

This is the view of Blackfriars Bridge, while walking home.

This is in Harris Park, while walking the dog.

May 3, 2010

Brinsley Methodist Church

I am currently working on a series of drawings of historical buildings of North Middlesex County. They will be for sale at North Middlesex's 150th Anniversary Celebrations. The festivities will run throughout 2010 with the centerpiece being the 150th anniversary weekend, July 30th to Aug 2nd, 2010. I plan to do approx 16 drawings. This is one of six I have completed so far.

I have a copy of an illustrated historical atlas of Middlesex County. I plan do incorporate some of these images into my drawings. As interesting as architecture is, rather than just drawing a picture of a buiding, as I have here... I plan to create some more interesting artwork by using other elements besides the historical building.