November 25, 2012

50 Taverns

New project, a continuation of the Streetscapes Series. This one involves a concentrated effort to enjoy the process more. There are lots of historic buildings, many of which are taverns. According to an article by freelance writer Kym Wolfe "The first tavern opened in 1826. By 1850, there were 25 saloons and a mere five years later, when London officially became a city, the number tripled to 75. In the 1870’s there were 170 taverns and hotels in London." So... 50 taverns, 50 beverages. I have already completed ten images, this one was the fourth. An evening out with my friend Sharon, owner of Richmond Cleaners.

“This building, dating back to 1854, was the original home of Josiah Blackburn’s “London Free Press,”. It served as the Queen’s Hotel from 1871 to 1920 and became the home of the “Farmer’s Advocate” from 1921 to 1965. With the intention of bringing “A Taste of Europe” and its warm hospitality to London the Marienbad opened on March 8, 1974. The restaurant took its name after the famous Czech spa Mariánské Lázne - Marienbad.” Excerpt from website: The waitress recommended the German beer, Hacker-Pschorr.

TT04 Chaucer’s Pub (Image Size: 5.5" x 9")

November 21, 2012

Public Art

Under the Oxford Street Bridge between Talbot St and the Thames river, you will find this mural by London artist Tracy Root. I frequent the bike path in this area, so I watched the progress. The mural which has been completed for a few weeks now, was funded by the Heritage Committee and the London Arts Council. It's an unexpected splash of colour, I like it.

City of London Public Art Policy - "The City of London supports the display of art in public places that will strengthen the natural assets of the city, provide unique attractions and act as a constant delight to residents and visitors to London."

Mural by Tracy Root

November 10, 2012

Desert Golf

GH13 We-Ko-Pa, Saguaro
After watching a little of the Champions tour in Scottsdale, Arizona last weekend, I was inspired and reviewed my photos from our golf trip to Arizona earlier this past spring. My favourite course was We-Ko-Pa, Saguaro Course, designed by Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw. This course was like no other that I have ever played. We were in the middle of a desert, with lush green fairways, century old cactus and surrounded by mountains… not a house, townhome or condo to be seen, truly in the middle of the desert.