July 22, 2016

Rocky Crest Golf Club

Sketchbook ~ Rocky Crest (Holes No 1 to 9)
Round three: Rocky Crest Golf Club, my favourite. Walkable, challenging, nature all around, from the granite outcroppings to the forests of pine, white birch and hemlock. Score wise - my worst of the five rounds, but still my favourite Clublink course.

July 21, 2016

National Pines Golf Club

Sketchbook ~ National Pines (Holes No 1 to 9)
Round two: National Pines Golf Club, designed by Thomas McBroom, opened in 1992. National Pines is a great walking course (even thought it was very hot that day) that predominantly features Lovers Creek which comes into play 14 times during a round.

July 20, 2016

Caledon Woods

Sketchbook ~ Caledon Woods (Holes No 14 to 18)
With a couple of days off work to make a long weekend, we went to Caledon Woods to play golf. (first of five rounds). It's located in the pastoral hills and valleys of the Caledon countryside just north of Toronto, opened in 2003, replaced the 27-hole Bolton Golf Club. "Architect Paul Takahashi kept the classic parkland character intact but introduced links-style elements with tight lies and crowns around engaging greens—among the region’s best—that have a wide range of slope and contour."

July 13, 2016

Preliminary sketch of cottage

Sketchbook ~ Cottage
Starting to work on an illustration of a 1860's (?) cottage in the country. There is a huge catalpa tree (beautiful, tropical-looking North American native shade tree) in the front yard. I sketched this view while sitting in the shade of this very large tree. I like the way the limbs and heart shaped leaves frame the house... although I was having a hard time sketching that part. The trellis fencing just adds to the quaintness of the setting. Looking forward to working on the finished illustration.