June 5, 2012

SS31 Then and Now

SS31 Then and Now, Talbot and Dundas, London
I have lived in London for approx 30 years and seen many changes over the years. This is the corner of Talbot and Dundas Street, with memories of listening to blues music at the Firehall, socializing at Mingles and more recently watching hockey at the John Labatt Centre. This drawing goes back further in history with the historical City Hotel “THEN” combined with the new John Labatt Centre “NOW”.

From London Public Library Archives: This building was originally constructed as the Hope Hotel in the 1840s by William Balkwill. It burnt down in January 1865 and was reopened in September 1865 as the City Hotel. It was renamed the Belvedere in 1871 and later the Talbot Inn. The building was demolished in 2001 and its facade was recreated on the John Labatt Centre which opened on the site in 2002.

Reference of City Hotel from London Public Library Image Gallery, James Egan Collection - Public domain: Copyright has expired according to Canadian law. No restrictions on use.

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