February 4, 2010

Post 5 to 9 Show

The third annual 5 to 9 Group Show is random pieces of artwork, also could be known as the MC Reunion. Don’t get me wrong, it was a lot of fun. This is a very talented group of artists. And I do “ talk more at the opening than I do the rest of the year” Problem is, I am already involved with a couple of groups that are just that … random. They have shows/sales on a yearly basis. They, the Lambeth Art Association and the Gallery Painting Group are both talented groups of artists. This show /group, just feels like more of the same.

It is time to re-think. What do I want to get out of my artwork? What do I want to get out of my involvement with groups. What direction do I want to go? What makes the most sense for me to put my time and energy into? Now that I have less time, this is more important.

My goal of working larger and in colour... Well, not there yet. There may have been a little colour and one was a little larger, but far from what I was envisioning. Style and medium were common elements in my work, but I really want a more unified theme or series for my work in a show.

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