February 3, 2010

Figure Drawing - Male vs Female

For me, a male figure drawing is just that, a male figure drawing. I just draw what I see and I don't feel the need to add or expand the image. But with a female figure drawing, I have a whole different approach. It just expands itself. When I see the female form (drawn on my page), I see more. Its about what is going on in my life right now, how I am feeling about certain things, more of story emerges. It's really a self portrait, of sorts. The three pictures that I have at The ARTS Project right now, are examples of that.

Untitled Female No, 6 (6' x6", India Ink and Graphite) The figure drawing was done with reference to a figure drawing session on January 4th. I played around with quite a few other layouts, more complicated, detailed drawings and finally came to a use the very simple backgorund shapes that represent Museum London.... Art Rental and Sales Gallery.

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