July 13, 2009

GPG Country Location

Gallery Painting Group location, north west of the city. Country property with rolling hills. Went to this location, first on a Saturday, but accomplished nothing. Figured out why, I had my contacts in the wrong eyes. Just enough of a difference to make it hard to concentrate and see completely clearly. Colin and I wend back a few days later. Both of us had decided that we wanted to paint the field with the bails, BUT they were gone! So we went for a walk on another part of the property, I spotted this small building set among the trees. This was the first of two drawing I did.

Shed Among the Trees (5.5" x 10", graphite and ink)

The other one remains unfinished. I seem to have alot of unfinished artwork lying around at his point. My goal for the next week is to just to finish all the drawings I have started.

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