June 17, 2009

Drawing from Photo Reference

Drawing from a photo reference presents a challenge for me. This drawing of a Hole in One from Desert Sands Golf Course in California was drawn from photo reference only, as I have not played the course. (although I would love to go there and play it... its looks amazing!) It's hard to imagine the three dimensional space in reality. With my home course, I think I could draw every hole without reference, because I am so familiar with it and can easily picture every hole in my mind. There were also more challenges of water / reflections, fountain, architecture and different kinds of trees. All of the golf holes I have drawn so far were basically golf holes surrounded by trees. This photo is busy and therefore the green is smaller and you have to look to find it amongst all the other elements... but that's realistic for this particular hole / course. I really liked the pink flowers by the water's edge, so I added some coloured pencil. In the end, I was happy with the finished product.

Desert Sands No. 12 (6" x 9" Ink and Coloured Pencil)

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