June 7, 2009

Adding Colour

I draw. Graphite and Ink are my favourite mediums. One reason is simplicity. All I need is a pencil and some paper and I am ready to go. Second reason is that I believe that drawing is the cornerstone of all visual art. I believe that until you master the art of drawing, which is really about learning to see, you will struggle with other mediums. I am far from mastering it, but I am now reasonably comfortable with my drawing skills.

Having said that, I am ready to work in other mediums. My goal with the Gallery Painting Group this summer is to paint. Watercolour. Visited a beautiful city garden yesterday. Flowers are not my favourite subject. With a little searching you can always find something visually interesting. The screened gazebo was interesting, but with architecture I tend to try to be too perfect and detailed. The pair of old work boots, filled with hens and chicks was a good subject for a small drawing/painting. I worked on three small images at once, simply to let the ink/watercolour dry. This is one of them.... I really consider this to be a drawing with colour added.

Old Work Boots (4.25" x 4.25" Ink and Watercolour)

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