December 17, 2009

Fountian at the Forks

I walk my dogs and jog in the downtown area by the Thames River. I like the new Blackburn Memorial Fountian at the fork of the Thames River. The fountain was a gift to the citizens of London from the Blackburn estate, given by the late Marjorie Blackburn in memory of her husband Walter J. Blackburn. Design of the Fountain began in 2005 and spanned two years, with the construction completed in 2008. It is modelled after a jet d’Eau in Geneva, Switzerland, with one large jet propelling water 30 metres, as well as six smaller jets. The result is an impressive addition to London's landscape, which enhances our community’s park system and downtown atmosphere.

This is just a small ink and graphite sketch of the downtown looking east with the fountain in foreground.

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