November 18, 2009

Preliminary Colour Sketch

I am combining: drawing skills, freedom of the medium and graphic elements. I enjoy the challenge of drawing realisticly and detailed. The line/marks of a micron pen are too perfect, so I have chosen to use pen and ink which provide a more creative, free, imperfect line. Watercolour allows freedom and spontenity if you can let the watercolour do what watercolour does. Of couse it has to be well planned out initially. It will take more time for me to not force the medium. Finally, adding the graphic element of words and geometric shapes. Words that have more than one meaning.

From this preliminary work, I know I need to leave more white ... on the ball and for the blades of grass. The final piece may look nothing like this, may not turn out at all. Should take on a life of its own, as it develops.

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