March 14, 2009

My Old Singer

My Old Singer, (Graphite, Ink and Coloured Pencil) I needed to do some mending, so I got out my new sewing machine, meaning the one that's 25 years old. The tension was all messed up, time to take it in for servicing. Tom, took one look at my machine and said you must be hemming jeans with it... the foot plate was also broke. Denim is way to thick, do not use this machine for that. I went home and decided I would get out the old Singer Machine that belonged to my brother in-law's mother and give it a try. This machine has not been touched for about 10 years. Its a SInger model from about 1946.... and it still works perfect! It only goes forward. Isn't it beautiful! I had to draw it. Then I added the rest of the story, the jeans.

It took me all morning to draw my old Singer sewing machine and to be honest, its slightly out of proportion. It only took a short time to draw my old jeans.

Image Size: 12" x 8"
Double Matted: 18" x 12"

This drawing is for sale on RadfordArt on Etsy.
Cost is $85.00 Canadian plus shipping.

Snow on Tulips (Ink and Coloured Pencil on Paper )

I usually do not draw flowers or work in colour, but the nice weather we are currently experiencing, reminded me of this drawing I did back in December. If you look in your garden you might see the tulips starting to peak through the ground. There is still more snow to come, just being realistic about Canadian weather.

The reference photo was taken the end of April, a couple of years ago. We had driven through a snow storm on the way home from Myrtle Beach and this was the scene in my garden.

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